I do this thing where I’m like “ok. 5 minutes. I can be upset or angry or bitter or nostalgic or in love with Tomas again or brutally honest for 5 minutes. and then I’ll go back to living in my bubble”

I don’t think I like jack maybe I do but like:/ it’s hard to tell but I’m just lonely and I wish someone like Tomas lived near me but it’s like not actually Tomas just I want that feeling I had with him and that warmth and that buzz I felt like I was constantly intoxicated and I loved it I miss it But I don’t miss him I don’t love him

I know it’s been like over a year since me and Tomas’s thing but damn sometimes I’m like “dam” even though I know that’s it over and I’m perfectly happy with my life but it’s kinda like a situation where ur like “what if we stayed together??” and like “what if we lived closer??” and sometimes I’ll hear a song or see someone that reminds me of him and I’ll feel something it’s not like a punch in the stomach it’s like a poke in the back and it kinda like makes me feel 👀I can’t put it into words but



we started flirting again and he kept complimenting me and now I don’t think I like him again but I have this strange feeling of like “wow look at how compatible we are” but also. I didn’t want to leave because I felt like if I leave then he’ll never come back like god damn I’m too tired

is this not funny an example of situational irony bc that’s exactly what happened! we’ve never talked since that I hate myself for still kinda liking him even tho he’s so over me and has a beautiful gf also he lives in Australia what the FUCJ